Valuations – well worth it

Knowing your value

Our expert business valuations will give you peace of mind and provide a solid foundation for many financial and business decisions, particularly if you’re considering buying or selling.

We analyse the financial, operational and strategic factors related to the business and present this in a comprehensive report so you know where you stand.

We are experts at assessing which assets and liabilities should be included in a valuation. We consider non-tangible assets such as internally developed products and systems which allow the business to thrive because these form part of the value of a business.

Our expert knowledge

We sell businesses for a living and know their worth in the current market. We use a variety of valuation methods and base our processes on valid, market-based facts and data.

We have a registered business valuer and CPA as a part of our team who are experts in the field with extensive experience appraising and valuing businesses. We will provide a valuation that is professional, timely and accurate.

Your accountant is a professional in their field but this does not mean they have the expertise to provide an accurate valuation of your business. The true value of your business is what a potential buyer would be willing to pay. In our experience, accountants often overvalue your business, which creates unrealistic expectations and difficulties in the long-term.

Reasons for a valuation

Some common reasons include:
• Considering buying a business—an expert valuation helps you make an appropriate offer.
• Considering selling your business—you need to know what your business is worth.
• Business partner buy-out or sale—requires an accurate valuation.
• Family court or divorce settlement—for an accurate valuation of your business.
• Tax planning—the ATO is more likely to accept a professional business valuation rather than one based on gut feeling.
• Securing finance from the bank—a professional valuation will support your application.
• Exit planning and business improvement—a business valuation defines your starting point.
• Personal financial planning—is better supported by a professional valuation.

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