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Exit planning, Succession and strategy for business owners

If you’ve purchased or started a business, you also need to know how to exit from the business, whether your plans are to sell it, divide it into smaller saleable businesses or pass it on to your children. This is all part of planning for success.


An exit and succession plan will help you:
• build a better business—more profitable, better managed and less stressful
• make your business more attractive when selling
• help you obtain maximum value for it
• be prepared for an unexpected event such as serious illness or sudden change in the market
• achieve the exit and end you always planned.

Your business is part of your life and on a personal level, an exit plan will:
• create a smoother transition after leaving the business
• leave behind the kind of legacy that you want to leave.

Our strengths

Exit planning is a very particular area of expertise, and we are professionally qualified exit planning advisers with a wealth of experience in this field. We know what buyers look for in a business, enabling us to recommend improvements to make your business easier to sell and for a better price.

The strength of our beliefs

Exit and succession planning is not just an additional service we provide. It is a field we are passionate about.

We believe in the process and are highly experienced in exit planning, having successfully undertaken it for many businesses. Our exit and succession planning system will achieve maximum value for your business in a process that will be smooth and streamlined.

We are so confident in this that we will refund the cost of the exit planning process in full after we have brokered the sale of your business. We are in business too and this process ensures a win-win situation for all.

We believe exit planning is a critical part of any business. It is the way to ensure your hard work is rewarded.

Our processes

Our exit plans are tailored to you and your business. We work with you to complete a needs analysis and a value gap analysis to identify what needs to be done to increase the value of a business—we want your business to be worth more and achieve the maximum selling price.

We use a process that is methodological and logical and includes forming a team focused on the specific needs of your business. We use software that is cloud-based, secure and built to ISO standards. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Are you ready for an Exit – Planned or Unplanned?

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Case studies

A hasty exit
Geoff owned an engineering business which was doing well and providing for his family. Like many people he was happily married with two kids. He had a serious car accident that left him near death, in hospital for a month and undergoing rehabilitation for a further five months. Luckily he lived but his business failed and his family was placed under severe financial strain. He didn’t have an exit plan, despite the fact his brother is an expert in this field.

This case is close to our hearts because this story is about a family member.

A graceful exit
We prepared a valuation for the owner of a successful mining service business. The business was valued at $14 million but the owner wanted $20 million and was willing to do the work to achieve this. We led him through the exit planning process and recommended he reduce his risk and increase his profit. A share of the business was sold based on a $20 million valuation a year later and the owner is a great fan of ours! See full story in Sellers section.

Decided not to sell
The owner of a successful business in the building industry was stressed and wanted to sell his business. We prepared a valuation for him but it was below expectations. He then asked us to run our exit planning process with the aim of building the business to a level that would enable him to secure the value he wanted. After 12 months of work, a number of issues in the business had been resolved and the owner now had less stress and a better business—and decided not to sell. His business is ready for an exit when he decides to take that step.

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