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Our aim

We want to find suitable businesses for buyers. We provide ample information to help buyers make informed decisions and we ask lots of questions to ensure buyers purchase a business that they fully understand.

We give honest opinions and appraisals because we don’t want people buying a business that doesn’t suit them. Our aim is to find the right buyer for the right business, so that business owners are successful and then come back to us later when they are ready to sell. Many currently do.

For buyers

If you’re a buyer, we talk to you and ask you about your goals, your background, your strengths, what kind of business you are looking for, what drives you and what you hope to achieve. We make sure you understand what it means to buy and manage a business.

The process

Once you’ve decided the sort of business you’d like to buy, we discuss selected businesses with you. After signing a confidentiality agreement (to protect the owner), we provide information on the desired business, maybe drive past the premises with you, arrange a meeting with the owners, and follow through with more information to build a full picture. We recommend you have a buying entity and that you speak to your accountant. If you do not have an accountant we can assist.

If you decide to make an offer, we will prepare the contract and you will need to consider financing and leasing arrangements, possible restraint of trade on the seller, assistance from the seller, specific conditions and the due diligence process.

We submit an offer on your behalf, manage negotiations and follow through to settlement so you can own your own business.

Businesses for sale

Here are some of the businesses currently for sale.

Other businesses or a specific business

We have several lower to middle market businesses that we may not advertise but which we can discuss with you. Alternatively, if you have a specific business you want to purchase, we can act on your behalf and assist in this process. Please contact us to discuss.

Recent sales

Take a look at some of our recently sold businesses.

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